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Pineapple Sangria

Delicious summer drink perfect for Dallas poolside sipping. We all know how hot these Texas summer days can be, but we have the perfect solution. Pineapple Sangria! Served chilled or over ice, this is the ultimate way to cool down during the heat.


Start with a base of your choice of white wine (we chose Sauvignon Blanc for its ability to mix well with the other ingredients) start with 1.5 bottles and add more as desired for flavor.

2 oranges cut into wheels

2 mangos cut into slices

1 Can of pineapple slices, add the juice from the can as well

1 Quart of Coconut water

Mix all of the ingredients into 1 gallon dispenser, stir, chill, and serve!

Garnish with a pineapple or orange slice, feel free to get creative.